Payload Meeting

On the 12th of January the entire HospiBot-team held their first meeting in the new year. Goal of the meeting was to determine an order of importance for work put into various use cases.

Prof Dr Robert Wendlandt started the meeting with a short recall of the goals set at the beginning of the project and the team from the Odense Universitetshospital were the first to present their identified use cases. Emil Sikker, from the Sjaelland Universitetshospital, presented his suggestions for use cases and their prioritization. Next, Oskar Palinko, leader of the project, informed the rest of the team on the progress of the robot prototype and answered other occurring questions. Afterwards, Prof Dr Franziska Uhing, representative of the University of Applied Science Kiel, presented her proposal for use cases, after which a subsequent discussion evolved around various other aspects and priorities for the partners involved in the project. In the end, many of the prior presented suggestions were condensed into three major use cases which posed the highest priority for the individual partners.

The meeting was an important step stone in further developing the future of the project and allowed room for an interesting discussions about all the possibilities the project holds. Now the individual teams are working with joy on the preparation for the next in-person meeting in March.

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