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What is HospiBot about?

HospiBot is an Interreg project funded by the European Union between Denmark and Germany. The project goal is to develop a prototype robot to gain insight and scientific data to drive forward future development of healthcare robots.

The demographic challenge is becoming a serious issue for developed countries like Germany and Denmark: people live longer lives and natality is decreased, which places a great burden on social institutions of states and regions. Healthcare is an area where this pressure is clearly felt. As there is an increasing number of older people, there will be more of those who need the help of care personnel. Automation and the use of robots can help with streamlining processes, making hospitals more effective, more pleasant and freeing up staff for patient-related tasks where robots cannot be used.

Denmark and Germany have seen increased automation of processes at hospitals in recent years. Robots can be readily seen in corridors delivering goods or offering hand sanitization. But these robots still can’t perform more advanced tasks. HospiBot, with the help of both German and Danish hospitals, attempts to solve the problems that prevent the use of robots in hospitals so far.

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